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2015 Porsche Boxster Spyder Makes NYAS Debut

1 Apr , 2015  

Porsche are demolishing in 2015 in terms of the desirability of their newest sports cars.

The hype behind the new GT3RS is beyond compare and of course as of Geneva this year the Porsche Motorsport presence on our roads has switched to a three pronged effort with the addition of the back to basics manual Cayman GT4.

Yet the sheet had barely been ripped off the RS and GT4 before people were asking “what of a GT4RS?” and, of course, “what of the Boxster?”. Porsche has answered the latter with the 2016 Boxster Spyder.


Looks wise it shares much with the Cayman GT4. The slightly tougher jaw, meatier front vents and more squat bottom are almost direct carry overs, but do not however think that the Boxster Spyder is a Porsche Motorsport effort.

The roof design carries over from the iconic previous generation Spyder. Strip the front away and you won’t find the fabulous 911 GT3 suspension set up that adorns the GT4.

Instead the Boxster finds itself 20mm lower on a more standard damping and chassis setup. 370bhp comes courtesy of a Carrera sourced 3.8 litre flat six. 62 is dispatched in 4.5 seconds before topping out at 180mph.



On the inside the new steering wheel and bucket seats carry over from the more serious GT4 sibling, although the Spyders weight loss programme is no trivial matter.

Air conditioning and a radio system are now no cost options which are omitted as standard.

Sportier brakes and revised steering top the Spyders dynamic overhaul.


Dynamic comparisons will be interesting to note in a few months, but for now the Spyder is making its first appearance in New York.

We estimate a price of between £65,000 and £70,000 for the new sports car when it arrives on our roads in the Autumn.

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Carwitter Feature Writer - Ethan Jupp