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New 2015 Jaguar XF breaks cover

25 Mar , 2015  

2015 JAGUAR XF S - Side - carwitter

Jaguar have taken the covers off of the new XF, the follow up to what has been a hugely successful model for Jag in recent years.

Once again Ian Callum has worked his magic, taking on the shape of the original XF but tweaking it and giving it a more modern look.

2015 JAGUAR XF S - Front Air Vents - carwitter

The S model features very Audiesque large air intakes at the front lower corners, a strong shoulder line is eminent just below the windows whilst the boot hatch is slightly elongated.

2015 JAGUAR XF S - Dashboard Interior - carwitter

Once inside the new 10.2 inch touchscreen gets rid of the central rotating air vents, but they still make an appearance on the outer edges of the dashboard.

An all new touchscreen interface makes its mark and will soon become standard across the Jag range. Gone are the old fash washed out graphics of the old XF!

2015 JAGUAR XF S - Rear - carwitter

Due to the mostly aluminium construction this XF is a massive 190 KGs lighter than the outgoing model. In some cases it is even 80 KGs lighter than its competition, whilst the boot (at 540 litres) is bigger than an E Class or 5 Series.

2015 JAGUAR XF S - Front Side - carwitter

Even though this XF looks longer than the last one it is 7mm shorter, but the wheelbase is 51mm longer.

Engine wise the lineup at launch will consist of a 161 BHP and 178 BHP 2.0 litre diesel, whilst a 3.0 litre twin turbo diesel will pump out 296 BHP and 700 Nm of torque.

For petrol aficionados the 3.0 litre V6 from the F-Type will be available.

No word on pricing yet but expect them to hit showrooms in September.

2015 JAGUAR XF S - Front - carwitter

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