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MG’s strong revival set to continue with new MG6

23 Mar , 2015  

Next month will see the new MG6 hitting the showrooms as the fastest growing automotive brand in 2014 continues to set it’s sights high.

MG’s Head of Marketing, Matthew Cheyne, stated:

The MG6 was always a comfortable, roomy, car and offered rewarding driving.

But the new MG6 takes the car to a different level again with a host of great improvements and advances, most of which have never been seen before on an MG.

2011 MG6 - front angle - carwitter

The original MG6 was launched in 2011 and has been widely acclaimed, particularly for it’s driving dynamic qualities, with 2014 seeing it voted as the Best Handling Car in it’s class by Auto Express Power Awards.

The new MG6 will build upon this success with updates to the exterior styling and significant interior upgrades and improved equipment levels, including a class leading intelligent infotainment systems along with a state-of-the-art navigation system.

2011 MG6 - interior console - carwitter

Whilst exact detail will be revealed upon launch, it is understood that the existing 1.9 ltr DTi-Tech engine will offer lower CO2 emissions and better economy.

It’s smaller sibling, the MG3, is already a sales success and so the new MG6 will further boost the brand’s recovery after it’s collapse under the Phoenix Consortium in 2005 and subsequent acquisition by the Nanjing Automotive Group.

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