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Nissan Show New Hatchback Direction With the Sway

3 Mar , 2015  

Nissan Sway Concept - Front - carwitter

Following on the success of the Juke and Qashqai, Nissan are aiming to do the same in the compact hatchback category.

Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, the Sway has a bold design with its striking nose, unorthodox lines, along with a simple interior.

Nissan Sway Concept - Interior - carwitter

The exterior seems to take inspiration from a GT-R with the headlights and a Clio with the “chunky” body.

The Sway is concept stage and is currently design only. Whilst bold and brash, it is much more exciting and fresh to look at than the current Micra and Pulsar.

Nissan need to keep as much of this styling as possible to recreate a Juke and Qashqai scenario again.

Time will tell.

Nissan Sway Concept - Rear Quarter - carwitter

Nissan Sway Concept - Front Quarter - carwitter