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Carwitter talks to two tin top champions

19 Feb , 2015  

Thruxton Test 2015 Misc

The BTCC is almost back and many teams have been out testing and readying their machines prior to the start of the season at Brands Hatch on Easter Weekend.

We headed to Thruxton where among others Eurotech, Triple 8 MG, newcomers Dextra Racing and reigning champions WSR were all in attendance, along with teams from the support series, Britcar and even a Lotus Cortina, creating a somewhat bizarre spectacle on track as Andrew Jordan in his MG passed a Britcar Nissan 350Z on the run up to Club Chicane.

Alex Martin Thruxton Test 2015 Ford Focus ST

We caught up with the 2013 champion, here are his words on the 2015 season.

Carwitter: Andrew, A new team for 2015, difficult decision to make or not?

Andrew Jordan: Ah no, pretty easy, decision to be honest, this was the best option so, it wasn’t too hard a decision.

CW: There seems to have been a lot of movement [between drivers & teams] in the 2015 season, how do you think it will pan out once everyone hits the track?

AJ: I think it’ll be about the same, same sort of guys up there, the usual protagonists. I’m expecting the same guys to be up there to be honest fighting for the championship.

CW: Who do you think will be you’re biggest opponents in 2015?

AJ: Well, Colin [Turkington], Jason [Plato], Matt [Neal] Gordon [Shedden], the BMs they’ll all be up there I couldn’t pick one if I’m honest.

CW: You’ve recently become a new father, does that have any bearing on how you approach you’re racing?

AJ: No, I look at my racing in terms that I need to do a good job to earn money, before it wouldn’t have had such an impact and there is that but apart from that there is no other difference no, just do a good job.

CW: Finally who’s going to win the first race at Brands Hatch?

AJ: Me!

CW: Cheers thank you very much & good luck in 2015.

Andrew Jordan MG 6 & Nissan Thruxton Test 2015

Also out testing with their BMW 1 Series challengers was reigning champions WSR and their driver line up of Sam Tordoff, Rob Collard and Andy Priaulx.

Andy Priaulx Thruxton Test 2015 BMW 1M
We were fortunate enough to grab a few words with the former multiple world champion.

Carwitter: Andy, back in the BTCC after a while out, unfinished business?

Andy Priaulx: Well I don’t look at it like that really, you know, it’s nice to be back, the championship’s going places, and I think I’m just hoping that I can have a good season, I’m not here to make any amends to whatever did or didn’t happen, it’s just a good place for me to be right now in my career so yeah, I’m going to look forward to it.

CW: Do you expect to be competitive straight out of the box? Or, is it another new car…

AP: Yeah another new car, new team new circuits, but I’d be disappointed if I wasn’t competitive straight away, but at the end of the day I’m an ambitious rookie(!) I know what I need to do to win and I hope I can achieve that, but I’m not underestimating my fellow competitors and the rules, the regulations, the circuits, it’s all new, new team everything so maybe a bit too early to make a forecast really.

CW: Who do you think will be your biggest challengers in 2015?

AP: Oh, I haven’t really looked at it, but I would say that if it’s anything like WTCC any number of drivers can win maybe 15 in some cases, so you know, maybe the whole field, I’m sure Rob [Collard] and these guys Sam [Tordoff], Sam proved his pace last year against Jason Plato, Matt Neal [Gordon] Shedden, Andrew Jordan so I think there’s a lot there to keep me busy.

CW: So who is going to win the first race?

AP: Oh crikey Brand Hatch, no idea, it depends on whose car is suited to that circuit really, but um, I need to look at who was competitive last year but I’m sure these guys [points towards his team mates] have got a chance, I’d be disappointed if we didn’t have a chance to win it!

CW: Thank you very much, good luck for 2015.

I would like to thank Andy and Andrew once again for their time and all the best for the 2015 season.

Sam Tordoff Thruxton Test 2015 BMW 1M

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