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Suzuki Swift DualJet Review – Worth the premium?

7 Feb , 2015  

2015 Suzuki Swift DualJet - Front Far - carwitter

Its no lie that we are big Suzuki Swift fans here on Carwitter. It’s the affordable hatch that’s great whether it’s paired with a 1.2 or a high revving 1.6 litre engine.

New for 2015 they will be introducing a fresh Dualjet 1.2 litre power plant. It produces 89 BHP and a rather potent 120 Nm of torque, giving the Swift a 0-62 time of 12.3 seconds.

2015 Suzuki Swift DualJet - Front Scene - carwitter

Previously we have driven the older 1.2 VVT engine and found it to be excellent, so what does this new power unit bring to the table?

Well, emissions are down to the magic 99g/KM of CO2 from 116.

MPG is upped across the board with a ludicrous figure of 72.4 for extra urban…the more realistic Urban rating however is 57.6, as opposed to the 46.3 of the old model.

Power is down ever so slightly by 4 BHP but this enables a modest 2NM torque boost.

2015 Suzuki Swift DualJet - Front Angle - carwitter

How have Suzuki done this?

Well it’s down to the some clever internal tweaks.

Firstly the compression chamber has been made a lot smaller than standard engines, this gives it a higher 12.0:1 compression ratio. Basically this helps burn more of the fuel in the chamber when the bang occurs.

2015 Suzuki Swift DualJet - Rear - carwitter

The intake port and cylinders have also been redesigned to make sure the fuel is mixed more evenly.

To solve the problem of unwanted knock, or the fuel igniting too early Suzuki have fitted each cylinder with two fuel injectors – hence the name Dualjet.

They are also placed much closer to the cylinder, meaning the fuel mist is much finer than a single injector would provide.

Further aiding heat control due to the higher compression, the underside of the pistons are sprayed with oil, and the exhaust gas is circulated through a water cooled radiator.

2015 Suzuki Swift DualJet - Bonnet Up Engine - carwitter

Anyway enough about the tech, what’s it like to drive?

On the road it feels exactly the same as the older 1.2, which is a good thing.

Pick up is lively and having such torque really makes this car feel sprightlier than it is.

Around town second and third gears are a dream, you can quickly nip in and out of traffic with enough power underfoot to do so.

2015 Suzuki Swift DualJet - Engine - carwitter

Once again the only time you really feel the lower power and lack of acceleration is at motorway speeds, but it will quite happily sit at 70 MPH all day long without breaking a sweat.

Under the bonnet you do find a mass of pipes and wires, the little Dualjet really does look a little lost when you see all the free space around it. It also sounds like a rather quaint sewing machine on tick over.

Suzuki is positioning the Dualjet as its new ultra efficient engine, better MPG and no road tax means it carries a premium. If you want one in your Swift it will cost you around £500 more

But is it worth it?

Sure, you save £30 on road tax each year, and over our 150 miles driven we achieved 45 MPG.

This was accrued mainly over town driving and is a little way off the claimed 57.6 Urban rating, but it is also 5 MPG better than we managed in the old 1.2 VVT.

2015 Suzuki Swift DualJet - Front - carwitter

Performance wise the old and new 1.2’s are indistinguishable, so it comes down to saving £30 road tax a year and getting 5 more MPG’s.

But…it will take you 10 years to make back £300 by being road tax free…the fuel cost saving will take even longer.

For me it doesn’t make sense to pay a premium right now. I would wait until Suzuki roll out the new 1.2 Dualjet as the standard engine, with Euro 6 emission regulations coming in September 2015 it can only be a mater of time.

2015 Suzuki Swift DualJet - Rear Angle - carwitter

Carwitter Summary:

Suzuki 1.2 Dualjet – Better MPG, lower emissions, increase in torque, is it worth the premium?

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