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Merc take aim at S4 with C450 AMG Sport

13 Jan , 2015  

Mercedes C450 AMG Sport front - carwitter

Last month Mercedes announced the arrival of AMG Sport, a less hectic range of performance cars from the tuners at Affalterbach, this week Detroit saw the launch of the second model in the range in the form of the C450 AMG Sport.

Clearly staring the Audi S4 square in the face, the C450 will be for those who would love a C63 AMG but either can’t afford one, or are scared by the big brother’s incredible performance.

Audi has long been doing two versions of its higher performance models, with the S and RS badges familiar to all for many years, now Mercedes are trying to muscle in on the territory.

Mercedes C450 AMG Sport rear - carwitter

While some of AMG’s output has lately crossed the line into sheer insanity the AMG Sport model range reigns that all back in.

Since we in Britain don’t get the blown C400 that’s seen in other territories this will do a good job in bridging the yawning gap between the C63 and the rest of the range.

The C450 will contain a 3.0litre V6 pushing 367bhp through all four wheels and 520nm of torque. That means 0-62 in a far from slow, but not face ripping, 4.9 seconds and the usual electronically reigned in 155mph top end.

Mercedes C450 AMG Sport engine - carwitter

Underneath Merc say a large amount of the suspension is brought over from the C63, so the 450 should be a hoot to drive, without leaving owners looking like they’ve spent too long out of the sun.

There’s the usual AMG Dynamic Select transmission, and Merc’s trick 7G-TRONIC dual-clutch ‘box (given a makeover by AMG) to deliver all that power to the road through a 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system.

No prices have been announced, but expect it to match those seen for the aforementioned S4 and M-performance cars from BMW.

Mercedes C450 AMG Sport rear side - carwitter

Mercedes C450 AMG Sport badge - carwitter

Mercedes C450 AMG Sport rear 2 - carwitter

Mercedes C450 AMG Sport interior - carwitter

Mercedes C450 AMG Sport interior 2 - carwitter

Mercedes C450 AMG Sport wheel - carwitter

Mercedes C450 AMG Sport - carwitter


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