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Scania introduce first automotive wearable smart watch – SPONSORED VIDEO

19 Dec , 2014  

Scania have introduced the first automotive wearable for its latest generation trucks. Nissan teased the NISMO watch concept last year but this is the first time a manufacturer has released an automotive wearable.

The Black Griffin has been developed along with Sony and advises the driver of time spent driving, fuel used, ways to improve driving efficiency and most importantly the amount of time had resting.

You can also receive text, email and phone call notifications on the watch as you would any normal Android wearable.

Scania Black Griffin Smart Watch Wearable OIn Wrist - carwitter

Initially 999 Black Griffin watches will be released as a limited edition, but after that they will continue in full production along with ongoing development.

Scania Black Griffin Smart Watch Wearable - carwitter

Scania Black Griffin Smart Watch Wearable 2 - carwitter

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