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Ford Shelby GT350 Unveiled Ahead Of LA Motorshow

18 Nov , 2014  

A Mustang as the modern motoring world remembers it: the snarling white and blue striped GT350 resurrects a legendary moniker for a slightly different flavour of Shelby Mustang for the recently introduced UK bound generation.


I say slightly different flavour as the ‘350 compared on brute specs to its GT500 forbearer is looking a bit impotent. 500bhp vs 2011s 600+.

The 2015 car is however packing a rather more sophisticated sounding naturally aspirated 5.2 litre V8 with a flat-plane crank and a tall 7000+ redline.

Coupling that with a 6 speed manual gearbox and torsen limited slip differential, the GT350 is looking like a far more driving orientated pony-car than its supercharged muscle bound live rear axle equipped predecessor.


The body is no less aggressive with a new kit all around, four clean cut tailpipes mounted within a slick air manipulating lower bumper.

The front sees muscly sinews flowing up from the splitter, through the lower vent leading up through that staple Mustang snout. Air enters and exits the ‘350s flushed out bodywork from all angles with a deep exits carved out behind the front flanks.


The GT350 we presume follows in the footsteps of the Camaro Z/28 which prides itself not on straight line pace (owing to a not inconsiderable 7.0 n/a 500bhp V8), but to driving enjoyment and at least a degree of cornering finesse.

Its own somewhat crude brand of dynamic honing -including the fitment of the widest front section tyre of any production road car- made for a highly coveted sports car. We’re hoping those Recaros are implying a real need for lateral body support in the corners.


The GT350 benefits from an already well developed base car. This new generation of Fast-Stang along with the Z/28 seems to be encapsulating a more honed 911 GT3 ethos.

All encouraging, especially as the ‘350 is allegedly joining its siblings on UK roads- making real trouble for the likes of the BMW M4 and C63 AMG.


That won’t be for a while yet, but see the 2015 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 make its debut in LA over the coming days.

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Carwitter Feature Writer - Ethan Jupp