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Paris 2014 – Volkswagen XL Sport

2 Oct , 2014  

Volkswagen in spite of its mass hum drum offering and humble peoples car origins is no stranger to guffing sizeable lumps of its galactic profit margins on weird, wonderful, sometimes woeful, but mostly fantastic concepts and studies for adoring crowds to soak in.

Aside from the subsequent resurge in the subconscious urge to buy a Golf in the minds of motorshow punters, VW often produces crazy creations such as the Golf W12 without a mind for a production and therefore business application.

Pointless, but not unappreciated, as we would very much like to reiterate with a nod to their latest lump of fun for funs sake on four wheels.

The ridiculous but somehow rather desirable XL Sport.

A long rumoured love child between VWs champion of efficiency- the XL1, and the automotive giants latest and most glamorous acquisition- Ducati.




Propelled by a 200 bhp V-Twin from the Ducati 1199 Superleggera, the XL Sport will hit 62 in 5.7 seconds before topping out at 168 MPH all the while hitting that delicious 11,000 RPM redline.

The last 12 months has seen some interesting re inventions of the sports car formulae, with the carbon tubbed four pot turbo Alfa 4C being a prime example, but the XL Sport really takes the cake.

It too makes generous use of CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastic) to keep the workload for the Italian two pot down. 890 Kilos to be exact or a Peugeot 106.


Appearance wise it’s a challenge to behold, isn’t it?

It’s not unattractive, is it, but it wears garments from some very deep, dark, and categorically different corners of the Volkswagen wardrobe.

At the front we have the ever cool XL1, albeit with smatterings of performance stylistic frippery. Whiffs of R8, not complaining, but the eco warrior XL1 dominates.

Get to the back and the addition of an extra wheel gives this car a set of hips not seen on a peoples car since the seminal but now distantly forgotten W12 Nardo concepts of the late 90s and early 2000s.

Slain by the Veyron for production priority but stylistically, if a bit distantly recalled in the hips, haunches, louvered roof and butterfly doors of the XL Sport.

I won’t whittle on further about that but if you’re unfamiliar with those old unicorns, do some googling. The rear is just pure sci-fi. Enough said.


Anyone who thinks this car is going into production is either blind, stupid, or rich and determined enough to fund it.

This is very much an exercise to demonstrate and advertise that Ducati is well and truly under the VAG wing.

Either way i’m as ever glad that these eccentric little brain-farts do on occasion escape the desks of the cavernous Volkswagen boardrooms.



Carwitter Feature Writer - Ethan Jupp