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Paris 2014 – Nissan Pulsar Nismo Concept

2 Oct , 2014  

Re-kindling the spirit of GTi-R… or is Nissan simply implementing the new plan for its Nismo sub brand with gusto. Either way, a performance variant of the newly re-introduced pulsar appears to be on its way.


Debuting at Paris 2014, the Pulsar Nismo is shown in a state of incompletion, as Honda brings its second Civic Type R concept to the floor with an anticipated early 2015 debut.

Details on what turns the wheels of the Pulsar Nismo have not been revealed by Nissan who claim instead that the concept “explores the styling and engineering possibilities of a sporting flagship for the Pulsar range”.

A keen eye on the interior will notice a strong 7,500 RPM redline on the dials and a manual transmission in the middle. Neither can be confirmed as making it to a potential production variant.


What that means for us is that this is a design study. A ‘sporting’ damping set up has been quoted and we know it runs on 235/35 section tyres.

The body kit is aggressive and makes no secret of what it is with the red Nismo garnish that has smattered the seminal Nismo GT-R and Juke Nismo models. The Pulsar then, is part of the continuing effort by Nissan to carve out a skunkworks like identity for the Nismo brand.

The styling is positively aggressive- if a bit reactionary (Civic i’m looking at you, literally). On the inside we find a set of Recaros that will be familiar to those well versed in RenaultSports latest efforts, this time upholstered in red leather and black Alcantara.



As well as establishing the Nismo as a sub brand here to stay, the Pulsar Nismo is no doubt tasked with gauging interest at Paris 2014, for whether such a model should make production and whether it would be a viable pursuit.

With the veracious hunger for hot hatches in the UK that is slowly spreading across the world, that appears to be likely.

With competition hotting to a severity not seen before, Nissan and Nismo will have their work cut out.


Carwitter Feature Writer - Ethan Jupp