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Paris 2014 – Audi TT Sportback Concept

2 Oct , 2014  

Paris this year is seeing no shortage of oddity.

Often a part of the motor show pre requisite, weird and wonderful things have graced the glitzy grounds of motor show halls over the years.

This particular debut however, has an air of familiarity. The Audi TT has recently been re released for a third generation.

As it debuted, in a climate of ever expanding niches and the dilution of segments, questions soon followed as to where Audi would take the TT beyond its basic Coupe, Cabrio and now S and RS formulae.

Stretching the reach of TT3 beyond all comprehension, the car has appeared in SUV form as the TT Off Road Concept, as well as the more familiar RS esq Quattro Sport Concept.

Now the low slung coupe keeps the four doors of the 4×4 without the hatch, skid plates or chubby ‘utilitarian’ haunches.



The TT Sportback Concept is something that i’m sure many have envisioned, but something I for one cannot place in terms of its segment relevance.

For sure the thing would sell, but against what would it compete? Whose sales would it be taking hand over fist?



I’m not exaggerating with that last expression as the TT Sportback, as is in recent Audi concept fashion, brings absolute and unequivocal automotive design A game. A++ game.

Subtly re sculpted lighting, vents and an as ever beautifully linear yet naturally flowing body form making it yet another absolute stunner come local showroom forecourt rain or Motorshow concours shine. Criticisms are trivial.

The rather flat red hue that leaves the design lines working harder than need be. The enormous 21 inch wheels that take the low slung coupe to heights reserved for its odd Off Road, hopefully stillborn sibling.

The praise for this thing, as you’re probably sick of reading, is legion.



Technologically it brings nothing groundbreaking to the table, but reports of a TT with a new found love for being driven make that not something to worry too much about. Production likeliness is a grey area.

I have no doubt in my mind that the modular manufacturing monster that is VAG could defecate these things out tomorrow if the demand was there.

The Sportback therefore has its work cut out at Paris 2014 to gauge interest for a more than feasible production variant.

Predictions for such a car are easy to assert. Identical internals to the coupe, poor rear head and leg room in spite of the two extra doors, and styling that is likely closer in detail resemblance to its established coupe/convertible kin.

For now we can only enjoy the concept at Paris 2014.

I for one will continue to feel stupid as I drool gop eyed at yet another product of the Audi design houses that looks more or less the same as the last three to four studies but that gets a hungry nod nonetheless.

They’re for sure on to a winning formulae.

Carwitter Feature Writer - Ethan Jupp