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Mercedes announce pricing for the 100mpg S-Class plug in

12 Sep , 2014  

Mercedes S-Class PLUG IN HYBRID - carwitter

Mercedes has announced its new S-Class plug-in hybrid limo will appear on forecourts in November priced from £87,965.

The V6 S500 PLUG IN HYBRID (their caps, not ours) high-efficiency uber-saloon will waft you to your destination in no time at all while pumping out just 65g/km of C02.

With it’s petrol engine and electric motors combined the monster limo will pump out 442 bhp and a hefty 475 lb ft of torque.

Mercedes S-Class PLUG IN HYBRID drivetrain - carwitter

That 116bhp electric motor can store enough power in the S’s batteries to pull it over 20 miles on clean power alone.

Inside it is as usual for the S, but with the addition of some new tech to help deal with the addition of electronic power.

That adds a system where the car can – if desired – can advise the driver on the most efficient driving style.

Mercedes S-Class PLUG IN HYBRID side - carwitter

This works by sending a pulse through the accelerator to indicate when what Merc have termed ‘sailing mode’  (shutting down the combustion engine) can be engaged.

Likewise, the predictive gearshift strategy uses the car’s radar system to sense if there’s a car in front and alters the gearshift accordingly based on the likelihood that the driver will wish to overtake – improving efficiency as well as the responsiveness of the car when required.

Those will join the kit you’d get on an AMG trim level S which means 19-inch AMG alloy wheels, AMG body styling for the front and rear bumpers, the LED intelligent light system, COMAND Online, noise insulating glass, leather upholstery and the front seat memory package.

The plug in will begin rolling off the production line in either normal or long wheelbase ‘L’ form next month.

Mercedes S-Class PLUG IN HYBRID interior - carwitter

Mercedes S-Class PLUG IN HYBRID front 2 - carwitter

Mercedes S-Class PLUG IN HYBRID interior rear - carwitter

Mercedes S-Class PLUG IN HYBRID front - carwitter

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