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The Jaguar XE Is Among Us!

8 Sep , 2014  

Jaguar XE - Side Front - carwitter

With some blatant F Type influences as well as a silhouette borrowed from big brother XF the smaller 3 series rivalling XE has finished its gestation.

We have discussed at length things about Jaguars new small saloon that make it an exciting car to watch technologically speaking and in terms of comparison with its rivals, but it is tonight that we bring some hard imagery of the Earls court reveal- of what we will be seeing prowling our streets and motorways from 2015.

Jaguar XE - Dashboard Interior - carwitter

Though arguably less exotic than its bigger XF sibling, we aren’t discussing market segments that see too much separation in terms of target audience and subsequently design. Or design flare. Or lack thereof.

The XE doesn’t seem to have a cabin that excites in any way like its bigger brother.

Jaguar XE - Side - carwitter

This is something the XF still has over its now more modern rivals, but the interior of the XE appears unrelated, generic and basic. Its neat and likely beautifully made and furnished- but not exciting.

On the outside its business as expected. A less curvy more purposeful F Type bottom with more than a little bit of Audi A5 and a progression of the XF front end and its profile.

It is overall a positive impression that we have of Jags baby saloon and it will undoubtedly be a fantastic car dynamically.

Jaguar XE - Side Rear - carwitter

With a veritable pot of gold to play with Jaguars crack team has really stretched its legs. Google “ingenium” or read about it at the hyperlink above for more details on the results of said leg stretching.

Prices should kick off at around £27,000 with the range topping supercharged V6 ‘S’ likely being on the thicker side of £30k.

A Sportbreak estate model and M4 rivalling R are likely although no talk of the latter has appeared yet.

We look forward to getting behind the wheel! Its sure to be a compelling rival to the monopoly of the German convention and thus no doubt a fly in their ointment. Hopefully the CX75s former dollars have gone well spent.

Carwitter Feature Writer - Ethan Jupp