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Strakka’s Dome s103 to make Sao Paulo debut

20 Aug , 2014  

Strakka Dome S103 front  - carwitter

Strakka have announced their Dome S103 LMP2 car will now make its long awaited debut at the closing round of the World Endurance Championship in Brazil.

The brand-new coupe had been plagued with problems since it’s inception and was forced to pull out of the first two rounds of the championship and the Le Mans 24 Hours.

They had been hoping to join the series when it resumed in America next month, but announced a further delay in the project.

A heavy crash in testing and teething troubles had set the project back throughout 2013, and meant heavy revisions to the rear end of the cost-capped car.

Strakka has now announced it will finally take to the track at the Novemeber 30 race.

Strakka DOME S103 Chassis Side - carwitter

Dan Walmsley, Strakka Racing’s team principal said: “After analysing the car post Spa, DOME wanted to make some revisions to the rear geometry to enable us to have the range of set up options we needed.

“To accommodate the revised suspension pick up points the gearbox casing and bellhousing had to be redesigned and then retooled. This programme was always very tight and with a need to go and test these and other changes we are making, Brazil is the best option for a race debut.

“As a race team, to be on the side lines for so long is actually really hard and we know it has been frustrating for our partners, the championship and our loyal supporters having the car spending more time in the workshop than on track.

“We are sorry to to only be out in one round but as a professional race team and a development partner for this car, Strakka will only ever race the car when it is proven and a competitive package.”

Strakka DOME S103 Chassis Side Angle - carwitter

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