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Mercedes announce the armoured S600 Guard

5 Aug , 2014  

Mercedes S600 Guard - carwitter

Oligarchs, presidents and royals of the world listen up, your next ride has arrived in the shape of Mercedes new £350,000 S600 Guard.

The armour plated behemoth is basically a tank with some leather strapped inside, so don’t expect so see one parked out front at your nearest dealership any time soon.

But this car will have a big enough user base to make it very worthwhile for Merc, and the publicity that comes from it just adds to it’s appeal to the suits in Germany.

Mercedes S600 Guard interior  - carwitter

The s600 fits roughly in the middle of Mercedes specialist armoured ‘Guard’ division, with military grade versions of the E, M and G already available.

It’s exactly what you might expect, an S-Class, just taken to another level with steel inserts inside each body panel and a reinforced bodyshell.

The Guard is the first vehicle in the world to be certified for the highest ballistics protection class right now, called VR9.

That includes 50mm steel to stop those pesky bullets hitting Angela Merkel and layers of aramide and polyethylene (plastic) to stop bomb shrapnel in it’s tracks.

Mercedes S600 Guard interior 2  - carwitter

Merc say all this means the S600 Guard is the safest car in the world, resisting any small arms fire and shrugging off bomb blasts as if they were a water balloon fight.

Underneath the 600 gets a 530 BHP v12 capable of a limited 130 MPH (this car is so heavy the tyres couldn’t stand anything faster) and a panic alarm, in case your driver turns out to be the cause of the trouble.

Mercedes S600 Guard rear  - carwitter

Outside you will struggle to tell the difference to a normal black S, but that’s exactly what it’s owners will want for their £350,000.

Oh, and it comes with the standard warranty.

Mercedes S600 Guard front - carwitter

Mercedes S600 Guard extinguisher  - carwitter

Mercedes S600 Guard side  - carwitter

Mercedes S600 Guard boot  - carwitter

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