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Kia hints at new Sorento

29 Jul , 2014  

2015 Kia Sorento tease - carwitter

Dark brooding photographs that just about cover up what a car will look like are all the rage now, and Kia haven’t broken the trend in revealing their new Sorento.

Somewhere out of the gloom is the third generation of Kia’s SUV showcasing the latest iteration of the marque’s ‘tiger-nose’ face.

What we can see is an evolution of the current car’s design, the grille becomes more upright while the rest of the car goes the opposite way, with a highly raked windscreen leading into a sleeker design.

Don’t expect the giant alloys to make the final cut, but the strong design line at the bottom of the door should remain, an inverse of that seen on the current model.

2015 Kia Sorento tease rear - carwitter

The rear appears to have a big, muscular bumper and the roofline carries on into a small spoiler, which attempts to give the design some length and lessen the appearance of height.

The biggest change at the back is the new rear lights, much sleeker that the outgoing model with a hint that LEDs may be incoming.

The real car will shake off all that black photoshop on October 2 at the Paris Motorshow.

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