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UK Ford Mustang specs revealed

21 Jul , 2014  

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Ford have finally told us what engines will be fitted to the UK model.

We won’t get the entry level 3.7 litre V6 that the US gets…instead we get a 2.3 litre Ecoboost (turbocharged) producing 310 HP and 320 lb/ft of torque.

But…we WILL be getting the 5.0 litre V8 that produces 435 horsepower with 400 lb/ft of torque.

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The 2.3 litre ecoboost engine is comprised of:

  • Forged-steel crankshaft
  • Piston-cooling jets
  • Steel piston ring carriers
  • Premium bearing materials
  • Upgraded valve seat materials
  • Forged-steel connecting rods
  • High-pressure die-cast aluminum cylinder block with ladder-frame bearing caps
  • Deep-sump, die-cast aluminum oil pan

The 5.0-litre V8  features:

  • Larger intake valves
  • Larger exhaust valves
  • Revised intake camshafts
  • Revised exhaust camshafts
  • Stiffer valve springs
  • New cylinder head casting – revised ports provide direct path to the valves for less restrictive intake and exhaust flow; combustion chamber modifications accommodate larger valves
  • Sinter forged connecting rods are lighter and more durable
  • Redesigned piston tops – deeper pockets clear the new larger valves
  • Rebalanced forged crankshaft to support higher-rpm operation

All-new Mustang will go on sale across Europe for the first time in 2015 with fully independent front and rear suspension, with a platform optimised for ride and handling. Performance packs will be available as standard on European models to provide high-performance handling and braking on both the road and the track.

Ford will announce final specification details for the all-new Ford Mustang for Europe at a later date.

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