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Skoda teases all new Fabia

17 Jul , 2014  

2015 Skoda Fabia tease   - carwitter

This funky sketch is Skoda’s first hint at a replacement for their hugely popular Fabia supermini.

Taking inspiration from the design of the new Rapide and the VisionC concept, the Fabia appears set to lose the cutesy, upright look of the current model.

At the front the sketch is smart and angular with Skoda’s family face moulding into hard shoulder lines that run down the length of car.

Amongst scant details hinted at in their release Skoda tell us the new Fabia will be nine centimetres wider and three centimetres lower than the old one, which should allow the production car to keep the squat proportions of the drawing.

Expect a slightly less sharply angled rear end (if only due to manufacturing limitations) and the humongous alloys to be jettisoned, but considering the similarities with the VisionC concept seen earlier this year  don’t expect changes to be too drastic.

So far that’s your lot, no release or launch dates have been announced and no specs have emerged, we wait with baited breath.

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