PROJECT 106 GTi – The first wash

14 Jul , 2014  

Mauritius Blue Peugeot 106 GTi - After Clean - Front - carwitter

So after picking up my new toy it needed a good clean to see what was hiding under those dirt splattered panels.

With paintwork sounding like sandpaper to the touch, I decided it needed some intensive cleaning. Covering the little Pug from roof to sills in fallout remover would get the ball rolling, washing this off i then proceeded to use some tar and glue remover on the lower sections.

Two washes and a dry later we can see what we are working with.

LOTS of stone chips, more than initially thought. You can really see that this car has done 99k. The front bumper is badly pebble dashed, as is the low slung bonnet. The rear arches are in the same condition and the lower halves of the doors are also peppered.

On the plus side this means the bodywork is 100% original, as first thought.

Mauritius Blue Peugeot 106 GTi - After Clean - Rear Arch - carwitter

Looks like it will need more spray work than i anticipated!

An interesting find was the paint code, originally it was advertised as China Blue. However looking up the paint code in the drivers door shut it is KPKD – Mauritius Blue. Having done some research the colours are nearly the same, but Mauritius Blue GTi’s are apparently very rare indeed!

It would also explain why the touched up paint doesn’t quite look the right colour…

The paintwork is stained with watermarks and swirled lightly, this should all come out with a good machine polish. Cutting the paint back a few layers will do wonders…not something i’m confident enough to do myself mind.

Mauritius Blue Peugeot 106 GTi - After Clean - Side Badge - carwitter

I gave the arches a good clean to remove any unwanted debris, the rear offside one was caked in mud. I must have removed at least 5KG of the stuff, all tightly packed in around the very top of the arch up to where the fuel filler neck is. It was so tightly packed in, christ knows how long it had been there, i’m now wondering what rust damage may have been caused by it.

At the next clean i will take the wheels off and get a pressure washer on all the suspension parts and arches, it didn’t look as though there was any rust there but it needs inspecting further to make sure.

The alloys will need refurbing, there is slight lift on the lacquer in places and they are lightly kerbed all over, BUT they have cleaned up a treat so its not all bad!

Mauritius Blue Peugeot 106 GTi - After Clean - Front Angle - carwitter

After a very quick rub over with Megs Ultimate Compound the 106 gleamed nicely in the afternoon sunlight, even if that light was being bounced off its imperfections!

The Next Stage

Attempt to fix:

  • The lumpy idle
  • The remote central locking

Replace original parcel shelf

Clean boot plastics

Mauritius Blue Peugeot 106 GTi - After Clean - Rear - carwitter

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