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Headrest mount Review – A new perspective

20 Jun , 2014  

Headrestmount - Close Up - carwitter

For the last year or so we have been helping to test a new in car camera mount, Headrest Mount. We now have the final version in our hands so it’s time to give it a full review.

What is it?

Headrest mount is a camera mounting system that allows you to securely fasten a camera/video camera to the inside of your car.


The all-aluminium body is hinged at one end, this goes around the two posts of your headrest. You then hold the open end together whilst tightening the thumbscrew. The end of the mount can be tilted to suit the view you are after.

You can position your camera in one of the seven fixing holes at the end of the mount. A small round post sits in these holes which is again tightened with a thumbscrew.

Headrestmount - Close Up Post - carwitter

This pillar works with standard M8 and M10 screw fixings, they have also just released a GoPro mount too.

The whole thing takes about a minute to set up!

Headrestmount - Subaru BRZ - carwitter


Headrest mount gives you a really unique perspective, a driver’s eye view of the action.

It’s superb for track days, but we have used it to demonstrate the exhaust noise inside whilst driving, a stop motion video of one of our test routes, and even used it as a second angle for video reviews.

Headrestmount - Head On - carwitter

What’s it like?

In a word, excellent. The build quality of the machined aluminium is second to none, it’s a real work of art.

To have a system that provides such stable filming, yet only takes a minute to set up is superb, it takes all the hassle and worry out of balancing tripods and trying to be gentle with expensive kit.

We only wish we had one a long time ago…it would have made filming that Volvo park assist video much easier.

Headrestmount - On Passenger Seat - carwitter

Where can I get one?

Headrest mount is available to buy now online at headrestmount.co.uk.

The basic model will set you back £120, and there are already a range of optional posts and arms you can purchase too.

Headrestmount - In Subaru BRZ - carwitter


Carwitter Summary:

Headrest Mount – Simple design, captures some great shots, superb for track days!

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