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How to Achieve Affordable Car Insurance: 3 Tips for Young Motorists

19 Jun , 2014  

The automotive insurance industry is constantly changing, against a backdrop of fluctuating demand and economic developments.

This is largely positive for new individual consumers at present, as the cumulative cost of car ownership falls alongside depreciating insurance premiums. This trend for cheaper car insurance is encouraging some individuals to rest on their laurels, however, instead of empowering them to seek out additional savings and achieve far greater value for their hard earned money.

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How to Proactively Cut the Cost of Car Insurance: 3 Tips for Young Motorists

It is particularly important for young drivers to follow this mantra, as despite attempts to create equality within the market inexperienced motorists still struggle in the face of over-inflated costs. Consider the following steps that youngsters should take when shopping for insurance:

  1. Review your Total Insurance Needs

Car coverage is often just a small part of your total insurance needs, so it is important to develop an overview of your circumstances before making an informed decision.

This is because it is possible to save money by structuring your insurance coverage to suit your needs, and partnering with a reputable insurer. If you require multi-layered insurance, for example, you may be better served by using a company that offers various financial products under a single banner. If you simply want the best deal on car insurance, however, you will need to find an affordable provider such as Autoline Insurance.

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  1. Compare a Diverse but Viable Market

With a greater understanding of your insurance needs, it is easy to identify a potential market and suitable service providers. This makes the process of comparing the market far easier, as you can peruse a small selection of firms and acquire a wealth of information within a relatively small space of time.

You can then determine which offers best suit your requirements, both in terms of bottom line cost and the depth of coverage delivered, using sites such as MoneySuperMarket.

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  1. Negotiate Directly with Insurers

Even with a wealth of knowledge and understanding, it is impossible to secure the best possible deal without being able to negotiate directly with insurer. It is through direct and open communication with firms that you are able to drive down the cost of insurance, by using rival offers as leverage and encouraging companies to deliver more favourable deals.

This requires a level head and willingness to compromise, but the most important thing is that you keep your overall goal in mind at all times while negotiating.

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