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Nissan ZEOD RC first mirrorless race car at Le Mans

12 Jun , 2014  

Nissan ZEOD Fuji Speedway WEC 2013 - Side - carwitter

Nissan’s 2014 Garage 56 entry at Le Mans will be the first car to race with no rear view mirrors.

Obviously the driver can see behind him…he uses a rear facing camera that provides a better view than conventional mirrors.

Nissan ZEOD RC Rear View Mirror Camera - carwitter

In addition to this the car has a radar system (like the one first seen in the Corvettes of previous years), the radar system helps in traffic as it can tell the difference between faster and slower cars. Depending on this a large arrow appears on screen showing what side the car is approaching from.

Hopefully this will stop the same accident happening that crippled Nissan’s last Garage 56 entry!

If the whole system goes a bit Pete Tong on the day the ZEOD will return to the pits to have those old fashioned mirrors attached!

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