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Volkswagen unveils 496bhp GTI Roadster Concept

2 Jun , 2014  

VW GTI Roadster front 2 - carwitter

VAG’s tuning event at Wothersee sees a lot of extraordinary cars, but this year’s star has to be this – the monsterous GTI Roadster.

Designed for gamers on GT6 and now built in the flesh the stunning roadster was designed by three of VWs young, upcoming design team.

At 2,494 mm the wheelbase is over 10cm shorter than the road going Golf GTI, but it is that stubby length, added to a width of 1,894 mm that give the Roadster a stocky, purposeful look.

VW GTI Roadster front - carwitter

It’s also barely a metre tall (1,090mm), which helps the GTI Roadster’s low stance, but backs up VWs assertion that they have no plans to put it into productions.

That low-slung body is given an aggressive look, with slim headlights form into squared c-shapes around the wide lower grille and huge slashes in the side forming into the roll-hoop.VW GTI Roadster rear- carwitter

There’s no roof, just three pieces of glass protecting the occupants round the front and side, so virtual driving is preferable unless you own a helmet, or fancy hiding under that giant rear wing.

Under the bonnet the concept is powered by a 3.0litre V6 bi-turbo TSI petrol found in the Touareg, but tuned to pump out 496bhp and a mighty 413lb ft of torque.

That power, nearly double found in the standard Golf, it routed through the Roadster’s dual clutch DSG ‘box to VWs 4MOTION four-wheel-drive system.

VW GTI Roadster side - carwitter

Therefore the 1,420kg GTI hits 63mph in 3.6seconds and on to 190mph at full tilt, fortunately there are some mighty ceramic discs under those 20 inch alloys.

Unfortunately you do have an urge to get one, the closest you can get for the moment is  in your front room, download it in mid June.

VW GTI Roadster - carwitter

VW GTI Roadster rear 2 - carwitter

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