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Goodwood Festival of Speed – A Survivors Guide

1 Jun , 2014  


Ok, so last year we had a pretty naff time trying to get parked at Goodwood, hours on end sitting in queues only to find ourselves parked up in a dusty hell hole of a field a 20 minute walk from the hill climb…and this was on the Thursday!

Luckily for you we have this handy survival guide to show you where best to park…among other things.

When to go


Saturday and Sunday it gets absolutely rammed. It’s worth taking the day off so you can actually walk around the cars and get some pictures without having a million people in the way.

Oh, and the roads around Chichester are always pretty congested at the best of times. Goodwood makes it even worse, so if you are heading anywhere near/through Chichester expect traffic…lots of traffic, and add an hour to your journey for the last 5 miles!


All the signage will direct you to ‘New Road‘ this is where the seemingly endless dusty field is located (highlighted in Yellow).

Goodwood Where To Park

Park there if you want a very long walk to get back to your car, and to return to it absolutely covered in an inch of dust.

Goodwood Where To Park Zoom

If however you would like a 5 minute walk to the hill climb then you need to head for:

New Barn Hill

PO18 0QP

To get here you have to ignore all the signs and just keep on going, ignore the huge queues of cars, ignore everything but the sat nav!

Keep going along New Barn Hill and you will find Car Park M (highlighted in Red).

Goodwood FoS Parking Map - carwitter

This is a nice grassy field on a hill, you will have a short walk to the gate, and then you are at the straight just before Flint Wall.

Car parks open at 6.30 am.

Plan your visit

The full run of cars can be seen attempting the hill climb twice a day.

The first run normally starts at 08:45 until 12:40. All of the cars can then be seen again from around 13:25 until 17:20. So find the start time for one of the sessions and make sure you are there!

Personally i think the best spot is just after the corner on the straight up toward Flint Wall. You can capture some great images as the cars hurtle round the corner…and sometimes spin off!

Goodwood FOS 2013 - Giugiaro Parcour Crash - carwitter

The rest of the day can be spent perusing the plethora of displays and collections. Cartier Style Et Luxe is always worth checking out!

The Cartier – Style et Luxe from Laroza on Vimeo.

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