Audi R8 LMX carwitter 700x432 - Audi releases most powerful R8 ever - complete with Lasers - Audi releases most powerful R8 ever - complete with Lasers

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Audi releases most powerful R8 ever – complete with Lasers

11 May , 2014  

Audi R8 LMX - carwitter

Audi has trumped its rivals to be the first manufacturer to bring out a road car with laser-powered headlights with the R8 LMX.

The 570bhp road eater will hoover up the sprint to 62 in just 3.4 seconds and continue on to a top speed of 198.8mph.

On sale this summer the limited run LMX will feature the same light tech that will debut on its R18 e-tron sportscars at June’s Le Mans 24 hours.

The lights, only active on high-beam setting, generate a light beam that shines double the distance of Audi’s trademark LEDs.

Audi R8 LMX light - carwitter

Audi say there will be four of these lasers in each unit, two on each car, that will be available above 37mph and they say will help drivers focus easier on the road ahead.

Two oval’s of light will be projected onto the floor way ahead of the car, but the units are designed to arc away from oncoming drivers to ensure they are not dazzled.

According to Audi the light will bounce straight back to the car rather than scattering, meaning the only effect of the lights is on the R8’s pilot.

Want one? Hurry, just 99 will be made each featuring 19inch alloys containing carbon ceramic brakes as standard.

Audi R8 LMX side - carwitter

Outside a custom blue paint job and bright red calipers show this is a special edition as well as a fixed spoiler fitted to the rear.

All the grilles, including the upright goatee on the front, will be finished in titanium gray while the wing mirrors, side inserts and diffuser are made of matte carbon.

The R8 LMX will go on sale priced at €210,000 (171,729, depending on conversion rates).

Audi R8 LMX seats - carwitter

Audi R8 LMX rear - carwitter

Audi R8 LMX interior - carwitter

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