Trident Iceni carwitter 700x432 - Trident announces world's fastest diesel the Iceni - Trident announces world's fastest diesel the Iceni

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Trident announces world’s fastest diesel the Iceni

29 Apr , 2014  

Trident Iceni - carwitter

This is the Iceni, made by a small British company called Trident it claims to be the fastest car of it’s kind while managing 100 MPG.

In an announcement full of headline figures Trident claim the Iceni will power its way to 190 mph and can continue for 2000 miles on a single 86 gallon tank (but only if you remain at 30mph).

Available in fastback or estate body the Iceni Trident claim an “impressive” spec, but, far more importantly, each car with come with two suitcases, as well as two holdalls.

Trident Iceni side - carwitter

Outside it is what you would expect of a traditional sports car from blighty, a long bonnet which melds into sculpted flowing lines across the rear.

Four huge exhausts poke out of the side, just in front of the rear wheels, split into a pair on either side while the front arches are accented by a large slash to aid brake cooling.

Under that long bonnet is a huge 395 bhp 6.6 litre diesel V8 which they say will pump out a mindblowing 700lb ft of torque.

That will blast the Iceni to 62 in 3.7 seconds, but if that isn’t enough track packs can be bought that boost those numbers to 430bhp and 949lb ft.

If that isn’t enough a  £7,000 Lux Pack adds sat-nav, diamond-cut alloys, two-tone Alcantara and leather upholstery and a four-piece luggage set. The £2,700 Premium Pack brings a fog-resistant coating to the windscreen, carbon interior trim and electric seats. Carbon ceramic brakes will add £15,500.

Want one? Well you need to get on it, if you have £96,000 burning a hole in your pocket now then get in contact, Trident say they won’t be making many.

Trident Iceni rear - carwitter

Trident Iceni rear 2 - carwitter

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