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Mercedes tease AMG GT the SLS replacement

16 Apr , 2014  

It’s been known for a while that Mercedes are developing a replacement for the stunning SLS, however they have now teased official images for the first time.

Unfortunately these are just interior shots so, but boy do they look good!

2014 Mercedes AMG GT Interior - carwitter

Mercedes have further developed the aviation/motorsport style of the interior, the centre console mimics a NACA air intake and the materials used hint at race car heritage. The AMG Drive Unit controls are mounted on the centre console mimicking a V8 layout.

2014 Mercedes AMG GT Interior Centre Console - carwitter

It’s all very promising looking ahead to the autumn premiere…but it won’t have those doors 🙁

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT Monza Grey Review - Front Doors Up - carwitter


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