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Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept

15 Apr , 2014  

Discovery Vision Concept - Front Angle - carwitter

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept - Rear Angle - carwitter

Land Rover have launched a brand new concept for its iconic Discovery model.

Dubbed the Discovery Vision Concept it will go on display at the New York Auto Show in a few days time.

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept Front - carwitter

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept Interior - carwitter

Its interior can be moved around via the touchscreen infotainment system, seats can fold flat or be slid back or forward to create more space inside. The interior is finished in a washable water and oil repellant Foglizzo leather.

A bonnet heads up display offers a view of the ground immediately ahead, with cameras fitted below the front grille. Laser Terrain Scanning uses infrared lasers emitted from the front fog lamps to continuously monitor the ground below the vehicle.

This system would also allow a semi-autonomous off road driving at a steady speed across different terrain.

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept Front Angle - carwitter

The concept also features:

  • Next-generation Human-Machine Interface (HMI) technology creates a rich and truly immersive multimedia experience for all occupants, including video calls between passengers through the seatback infotainment screens, Smart Glass bringing the power of augmented reality to the entire glasshouse, and various functions, including the doors, indicators, headlamps and seatback screens, operated by Gesture Control.
  • Remote Control Drive enables the driver to manoeuvre the car at very low speed while not actually seated inside it. Remote Control Drive has various useful applications both on- and off-road, from coupling a trailer, to external spotting during extreme off-roading.
  • Visibility is greatly enhanced in all conditions with the powerful, day-like light of the laser headlamps, which feature intelligent object tracking and beam-dipping to improve driver safety.
  • Navigating tight gaps is made easy with the visual assistance of Laser Referencing, which utilises visible lasers to project markings, symbols ¬†and imagery onto ground surfaces.

Expect the next gen Disco to look rather like this but toned down a little, Jag Land Rover have a history of making these concepts come to life!

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept Side - carwitter


Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept Rear - carwitter

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