Honda NSX Concept Front 700x432 - Honda NSX Prototype at Goodwood 2014 - Honda NSX Prototype at Goodwood 2014

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Honda NSX Prototype at Goodwood 2014

8 Apr , 2014  

Honda NSX Concept Front

Honda have announced that a prototype of the upcoming 2015 NSX will be in action at Goodwood this year.

Aryton Senna Honda NSX - carwitter

It will be joined by a 1989 3.0 litre NSX (once driven by Senna himself) and a 2005 3.2 litre NSX to show the vehicles history.

Honda NSX Concept Side

The NSX has a long-standing relationship with the Festival of Speed. In 1993, at the time of the first Festival, a fleet of 10 NSX were showcased at Goodwood. Launched in 1990, the original NSX was already known as a ground-breaking exotic car, delivering super performance and handling, without compromise in usability and ergonomics.

Honda NSX Concept Rear

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