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David Brown unveils the Speedback

31 Mar , 2014  

David Brown Automotive Speedback - Front - carwitter

David Brown automotive (no relation to Aston Martin’s DB), have been teasing us with images of their upcoming car for quite some time now across social media.

Well a few days ago it had its full unveiling.

David Brown Automotive Speedback - Side Close - carwitter

The Speedback as its known is a modern take on a DB5, it has the same kind of look just brought up to date.

It will be powered by a 5 litre Jaguar Supercharged lump, this can be tuned to any level the buyer requires, but expect it to be pumping out about 503 BHP. In fact the whole car is based on the XK’s chassis, including the main bulk of the interior.

David Brown Automotive Speedback - Interior - carwitter

Im not 100% sold on the looks, i think it may be one of those ‘see it in the metal’ kind of cars. For me the wire wheels are too old fashioned, the interior is a little OTT and the overhangs are far too big.

Its like its trying too hard to be a modern DB5, and although imitation is the highest form of flattery i was hoping for something truly different from David Brown Automotive…

David Brown Automotive Speedback - Side - carwitter

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