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Lexus RC F – The new look continues

18 Mar , 2014  

Lexus RC F side - carwitter

Lexus have really shifted their design in the past few years, from their first hatchback the CT 200 to the stunning new IS model they seem to be on a roll!

The latest edition is a new 2 door coupe the RC F. It will pack over 450 BHP from a 5.0 litre V8.

It will be electronically limited to 168 MPH, naturally its rear wheel drive.

But compared to Lexus last 2 door coupe the SC this is vastly different in looks.

Sharp lines, mix with sweeping curves to form what is a stunning looking car. The now telltale full height chevron grille gives the RC F a dominant presence, large front intakes aid cooling to the front brakes.

Lexus RC F top - carwitter

Full LED headlights are stacked in a trio, below them sit daytime running lights that mimic the lines of the front grille.

Behind the front wheels large cut out ducts help the exit of that hot brake air.

At the rear the angular mean looks continue, the rear arches bulge out and get pulled inward to the boot line. Twin exhaust pipes are stacked on top of each other much like the ISF.

Lexus RC F rear - carwitter

Oh and it’s also got an active rear spoiler that pops up over 50 MPH, and a huge bonnet scoop!

When it gets a sale date it will certainly set the world alight, this is the first performance focussed Lexus we have had in a while, I for one am looking forward to it!

Lexus RC F engine - carwitter

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