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eBay Collections great for petrolheads! – Sponsored Article

16 Mar , 2014  


eBay has become the worlds biggest online marketplace, it offers pretty much everything under the sun and Royal Mail must have a lot to thank it for too!

But how do you go about driving social engagement with an auction website?

eBay Collections - carwitter

Well, eBay have come up with the idea of Collections. With eBay collections you can group together items you find, share them amongst friends, family or anyone! You can also ‘Follow’ each Collection, this means that whenever a new item is added you will be notified and can check it out.

Personally I think this is a great idea, not only can you see what other users like but you can also make collections for say a Birthday, Christmas, or just a collection of items you want to buy but never get the chance to!

I jumped on the idea as soon as I heard about it, we have been working away in secret with eBay to create 13 unique collections of our own, they range from Remote Control Cars for all ages and Car Cleaning to Car Art.

After alot of thought I outlined carwitters 13 car related Collections. They needed to be helpful, useful fun or entertaining.

eBay User Profile - carwitter

The very first Collection we created was the Must Have Car Accesories. In my mind these are all the things you SHOULD have in your car, not only do they make your life easier, they are all practical and useful.

My favourite however is the Ultimate Film Collection. I put together all of the most serious, action packed car films I could think of, by no means is this a comprehensive list but I feel that if you are a petrolhead you should own all of these films!

So take a look at our Collections page, I know you will find something you like!


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