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Citroen C4 Cactus concept to reality!

15 Mar , 2014  

Citroen Cactus - Front - carwitter

When Citroen first unveiled the Cactus concept last year it was a very, modern, smart looking car.

With Anti-Dent air bubbles and other unique features that had a real world purpose.

Well…as of Autumn you can have one! Its going into production looking 99% the same as the concept!

Citroen Cactus - Side - carwitter

It will be powered by the 3 cylinder turbo THP engine producing just 110 BHP.. But the whole car only weighs 965 kg, that’s 200 kg lighter than compared to the Citroen C4.

  • A compact, lightweight platform
  • Small latest-generation engines meeting the future Euro 6 standard (PureTech petrol & BlueHDi diesel with Stop & Start)
  • High-performance materials including very high yield-strength steel & aluminium front & rear beams
  • Weight-reducing features such as an aluminium bonnet, pop-out rear windows (-11kg) & a single-piece folding rear bench (-6kg)
  • As a result, the New Citroën C4 Cactus is available with a petrol version emitting less than 100g/km of CO2 and a diesel version emitting just 82g/km with impressive fuel consumption of 91.1mpg

Citroen Cactus - Dashboard Steering Wheel - carwitter

Citroen are creating a new pricing system too, much like with mobile phones a flat monthly rate or a mileage based system.

This innovative service covers all expenditure, excluding fuel, during the period of the agreement: finance, insurance and servicing.

For a fixed monthly payment, customers can select their preferred trim level (equipment, engine, etc.) and the level of service they require (type of cover, all-in or mileage based, etc.) without exceeding their budget.

The Cactus features the same all in one touch screen as the new C4 Picasso, so dial and knobs are kept to a minimum.

Citroen Cactus - Dashboard - carwitter

Some of the nice design features include:

  • Door handles that take the form of luggage inspired leather straps
  • A storage compartment on the top part of the dashboard, with hinge fittings & a relief pattern
  • Seat upholstery, door trim & dashboard in a choice of three colours; Stone Grey, Purple Highlight & Habana Highlight

At 4.16 metres long the Cactus has 358 litres. Further dimensions are:

  • A 2.60m wheelbase (equivalent to a Citroën C4) placing the emphasis on space
  • The dimensions of a compact hatchback (length: 4.16m, width: 1.73m)
  • An ideal profile in terms of styling with 1/3 glazed areas & 2/3 side panels
  • Optimised height of just 1.48m for improved aerodynamics
  • Shorter overhangs placing the wheels in the four corners.

Citroen Cactus - Rear - carwitter

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