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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Concept Debuts at Geneva

4 Mar , 2014  

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider - Front Angle - carwitter

Alfa Romeo’s 4C sports car has met a mixed response this last 12 months, but that hasn’t stopped Alfa from teasing a Spider with this seemingly very close to production concept.

On the face of it this car is very much an improvement over the pretty but slightly awkward looking coupe.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider - Rear Angle - carwitter


The centrally mounted exhausts,  the lack of roof and the new glitzier lights are just a couple of the details that really make for a more elegant and complete looking car.

Details which should in theory make production as this is a very finished looking concept.

Dynamically speaking the Spider benefits from its revolutionary carbon tub which goes untouched in the transition from coupe to roadster as it does in Mclarens 12C.

The convertible gains no weight and shouldn’t lose any structural rigidity. It retains the coupes 4 cylinder petrol turbo and relative performance specs.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider - Side - carwitter

We think a nicely detailed up Spider version is exactly what the 4C needed to appeal even more to a wider demographic. We just hope it goes, as is, to production unchanged!

Expect that car however it looks to make an appearance next year.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider - Front - carwitter

Carwitter Feature Writer - Ethan Jupp