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Lamborghini Ad Personam program updated

25 Feb , 2014  

Lamborghini Ad Personam - Aventador Roadster - carwitter

Want a Lambo, but don’t fancy any of the current extensive interior or exterior options?

Never fear! Lambo have added yet more additions to its ‘Ad Personam’ personalisation program that allows you to commision a car from scratch. Currently only available on the Aventador, but it will be rolled out to the Huracan soon.

Lamborghini Ad Personam - Forged Composite Dash Binnacle - carwitter

Interior colour combos have been increased, choices of leather and Alcantara in different colours as well as differing mats and seat belts. Dual colour exterior paint has also been offered.

Want a hand stitched seat emblem or monogram? No problem, its now doable.

This blue Aventador with Lamborghinis new Forged Composite inserts, air intakes, rear spoiler, door sills and instruments will take pride of place at Geneva along with the ‘Commissioning studio’ so you can see the process at work – or put a cheeky order in!

Lamborghini Ad Personam - Forged Composite Front Intake - carwitter

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