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Vauxhall Adam ROCKS

19 Feb , 2014  

Vauxhall Adam ROCKS - Front Angle - carwitter

Vauxhall are set to release a crossover mashup of its Adam at Geneva.

Called the ‘Adam ROCKS’ it features a 15mm raised ride height, whilst the dampers, springs, rear suspension geometry, and steering have all been fiddled with.

Vauxhall Adam ROCKS - Front Angle Roof Down - carwitter

Its main party trick is the fabric roof though, foldable in just 5 seconds, the boot remains unchanged and has the full storage capacity of the normal Adam.

The folding canvas roof is available in a choice of three exterior colours – Black, Sweet Coffee or Light Oak – that combine with the different roof colours of the ROCKS.

Inspiration is from:

Agile parkour athletes, who move from one place to another, negotiating urban obstacles in between, were the inspiration for this sporty crossover concept.


Vauxhall Adam ROCKS - Front - carwitter

The all new 1 litre 3 cylinder ECOTEC engine features direct injection and a turbo, giving the diminutive engine either either 90 PS or 115 PS. Both engines are fitted to the new 6 speed manual gearbox.

ADAM ROCKS UK pricing will be announced when it goes on sale in the summer. Production is due to start in Eisenach, Germany in August.

Vauxhall Adam ROCKS - Rear Angle - carwitter

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