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2014 Mercedes S-Class Coupe revealed

11 Feb , 2014  

Mercedes S-Class Coupe - carwitter

This is the brand new Mercedes S-Class Coupe that will make it’s debut at next month’s Geneva motorshow.

The long-anticipated coupe version of Merc’s class-leading uber-saloon sees the German marque debut it’s “curb-tilting” technology – a brand new suspension set up that means the new Coupe leans into corners to increase stability.

Mercedes S-Class Coupe left - carwitter

Outside the S features sleek lines carried into the standard S-Class face, at the side the low-slung roof is complemented by hard design lines running along the shoulder and lower sides above large 18 or 20 inch wheels.

At the rear brand new slim light clusters sit beneath a faux-rear spoiler that flicks up out of the boot. They both wrap around a large rear diffuser sat between dual trapezoidal exhaust pipes.

Mercedes S-Class Coupe lights - carwitter

Up front Benz say the headlamps are encrusted with 47 Swarovski crystals EACH to produce a “striking” appearance, 17 of the crystals accenting the day running lights while the rest form the indicator clusters.

The S-Class’s straight horizontal grill features are replaced by a curved, almost pixelated vertical effect that works to make the intake seem more rounded.

Mercedes S-Class Coupe side 2 - carwitter

The coupe has a wheelbase of 2945 mm, making it 5027 mm long, 100mm shorter than the standard S-saloon, with a width of 1899 mm, again thinner than the four-door version’s 2130 mm, and with a height of 1411 mm.

Above the Coupe is given a huge, two-third length, panoramic roof, meaning the S is swathed in 1.32 m2 of glass.

Mercedes S-Class Coupe dash 2 - carwitter

Inside Mercedes have showcased an interior plastered in red leather, with a split – two part – dashboard that features a unique ‘wraparound’ section designed to cocoon the driver inside the S.

In the middle four air vents sit below a huge, two-part screen, one half acting as the speedometer and dials and the other the infotainment system.

Mercedes S-Class Coupe interior - carwitter

That giant touchpad can be connected to the optional head-up display – beamed onto a 21x7cm area of the windscreen and designed to look as if it is floating above the bonnet.

Underneath the new curve-tilting function is standard and means the car can lean up to 2.5 degrees into each corner after detecting the camber and angle of the corner using a series of cameras. They claim this will increase not only performance, but also passenger comfort.

Mercedes S-Class Coupe front - carwitter

The Coupe also comes with the standard huge array of safety features found on the Saloon.

Merc has not released any specs for the Coupe but expect performance details to emerge when the car makes its debut in March.

Mercedes S-Class Coupe front 2 - carwitter

Mercedes S-Class Coupe side 3 - carwitter

Mercedes S-Class Coupe rear - carwitter

Mercedes S-Class Coupe above - carwitter

Mercedes S-Class Coupe interior 3 - carwitter

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