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5 Feb , 2014  

Bentley Butterfly Armchair - carwitter

Not content with providing uber luxury motors for the oligarchs of this world, Bentley are turning their attention to interior design and fragrances for men…

Bentleys new ‘Home Collection’ is said to have:

Bentley aesthetic translated into luxury home and board room environments

Bnley Minster Sofa - carwitter

By the looks of the ‘Minster Sofa’ it looks more old folks home than dripping with luxury!

Bentley Richimond Bed - carwitter

Bentley Butterfly Sofa - carwitter

Mind you the Richmond Bed and Butterfly Sofa are a lot nicer! The full collection can be viewed at Maison & Objet Fair in Paris. Luxury Living Group are the creators.

Bentley_Azure_Fragrance Bottle - carwitter

The latest Azure fragrance is actually a follow up to another fragrance (that i’ve never heard of, or seen).

Azure is:

Subtle, woody, fresh and spicy


A bottle will set you back £43 for 60 ML or £59.50 for 100 ml.

Bentley_AZURE_fragrance_portrait_poster - carwitter

Maybe stick to the cars eh?

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