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Nissan reveal ZEOD RC engine

27 Jan , 2014  

Nissan have lifted the covers off of the petrol powerplant that will be propelling the ZEOD RC at Le Mans this year.

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A 1.5 three cylinder petrol engine is turbocharged to create 400 HP! Weighing just 40 KG it provides more power per kilo than the new F1 engines.

The ZEOD RC will make 1 full lap of the Circuit de la Sarthe under electric power alone, it will then run further zero emission – electric only – laps once every hour.

Revving to 7,500 RPM the DIG-T R produces 380 Nm of torque, the engine measures just 50cm tall, 40cm long and 20cm wide.

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After extensive dyno testing, the Nissan ZEOD RC hit the track for the first time last week with both the electric and internal combustion engines in place.

Both the petrol and electric powerplants run through the same five-speed gearbox that transfers power to the ground via Michelin tyres.

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