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Hungry for more? Win a VIP trip to the Monte Carlo WRC – Sponsored Post

22 Dec , 2013  

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Still hungry for more Volkswagen WRC action in 2014? Well don’t worry, your hunger will be catered for on all fronts if Volkswagen have their way!

You see they are developing a new type of Fan food for rally aficionados. It will keep you sustained through the snows of Sweden, the dust of Mexico and even the rain of Wales. Experts have been enlisted to work out what food is fit for the job.

VW Polo WRC Rally Wales 2013 Water Splash - carwitter

It must be easily held across all terrain and simple to eat in between rally cars blasting past, a tough job for any Fan food. Doughnuts have tried in the past, the humble hotdog is always a messy favourite, but the burger has got to be the most successful Fan food…so what can topple its title?

VW Polo WRC Rally Wales 2013 Jump Forest - carwitter

The food of choice is the VW Currywurst, cooked sausage covered in tomato ketchup and curry spices, warming yet simple to eat! If you want to try the Currywurst for yourself then you need to head on over to the Fan food website, here you can enter to win a VIP trip to the inaugural 2014 Rally, Monte Carlo on the 14-19th January.


VIP trip, food tasting AND the WRC?! I think that’s a match made in heaven! Check out the video below then head on over to the Fan food website where you can register for the competition. Who knows, it could be you chowing down on German Currywurst while Ogier flies past the tarmac at break neck speeds.

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