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Nissan IDX Concept

20 Nov , 2013  

IDx_Nismo_Nissan Concept - Front Angle - carwitter

Today at the Tokyo Motor Show Nissan have unveiled the IDx concept. If (now thats a big if) it goes into production it would be a Toyota GT86 rival. It would also be rear wheel drive, and hopefully the Nismo variant will be a fun drivers car!

The design has come from what Nissan calls ‘co-creation’. Basicly they choose a target market and ask them what they want in a car. They have aimed this car at a younger audience, anyone born after 1990.

Personally i LOVE the design, fit it with a 200 BHP turbo engine, and as long as its light enough it will be a hoot. The styling looks very reminiscent of the Hakosuka Skyline GT-R, just bought up to date. MAKE THIS CAR NISSAN!

IDx_Nismo_Nissan Concept - Side - carwitter

IDx_Nismo_Nissan Concept - Rear Angle - carwitter

IDx_Nismo_Nissan Concept - Rear - carwitter

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