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2014 Nissan GT-R Specs

19 Nov , 2013  

MY2014 Nissan GT-R - Front - carwitter

Along today’s launch of the Nismo GT-R Nissan also announced the MY2014 GT-R. It will go on sale in Japan December 2nd, followed by worldwide markets.

Upgrades include:

  • Suspension fine-tuned to give better stability and more consistent grip
  • More constant tyre contact is achieved by optimized electronic control of the shock-absorber valves
  • Modified front stabiliser spring rates
  • Updated bush link
  • Minute vibrations & road noise reduced meaning fewer small steering corrections needed to maintain the correct trajectory during highway driving
  • Fitted with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST CTT tyres, they have stiffer sidewalls which reduce deformation, improving steering response under hard cornering
  • Braking calibration retuned for a more firm, linear response at everyday speeds
  • Steering has been fine-tuned to reduce the effort required for in-town manoeuvers

MY2014 Nissan GT-R - Front Angle - carwitter

  • Multi-LED headlights that create a distinctive “lightning” motif
  • Headlights feature AFS (Adaptive Front lighting System) that automatically adapts the angle of the light beam according to the speed of the car
  • Four LED units are configured with new intensive LED hi-beam and three different LED low-beams including long-distance-illumination and wide-illumination
  • The rear four-ring tail light signature now forms coherent circles of illumination rather than individual LED’s
  • Upon start up, the full new lighting signature is illuminated, creating a dramatic start-up procedure
  • New body colour called Gold Flake Red Pearl features microscopic gold-tinted glass flakes infused into the red paint

MY2014 Nissan GT-R - Headlights - carwitter

  • Choice of three interior colour schemes includes a new pale ivory trim option.
  • Steering wheel is trimmed in leather
  • Part-aniline leather seats are further embellished with stitched accents

MY2014 Nissan GT-R - Dashboard - carwitter

  • The cars body combines steel, carbon fibre and die-cast aluminum to achieve high stiffness and light weight
  • Optimised insulation and acoustic tuning mean that even at high speeds, the occupants are able to enjoy the sporty engine sound
  • Optional carbon rear wing is offered along with a carbon boot lid

No word on pricing yet.

MY2014 Nissan GT-R - Rear Lights - carwitter

MY2014 Nissan GT-R - Rear - carwitter

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