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Want to go and explore the world? Check out Bridgestone Everywhere – Sponsored Post

27 Oct , 2013  



Ever just wanted to hand your notice in, leave that crummy 9-5 desk bound job to go and explore the world? That’s exactly what Bridgestone are trying to inspire you to do with their latest interactive video We’ve been everywhere.

After watching this short video you really will want to just give up that day job! Our heroin jumps on his motorcycle and begins to make his way across the world. From a tattoo studio to finding a gorgeous girl and spending the night camping together (with some rather rude games!) and even fighting mascots – the interactive video lets you play out numerous games along the way. Don’t forget to sign in with Facebook so you can also create your own journey.



Personally my road trip would be from john o’groats to lands end, id love to travel the length of the country in a couple of days. Obviously in a nice powerful GT car! I have always wanted to drive the barren well tarmacked roads in Scotland, seeing some of the scenery from recent Bond films as well as experiencing the stunning countryside England has to offer on the journey. The Yorkshire moors, the Peak District, stopping off at a few national parks along the way, it would be a lovely week or so, naturally I would be staying in some swanky hotels each night to make the event even more memorable.


So get yourself along to We’ve been everywhere, take a look and then start daydreaming your own journey! Who knows tomorrow you may be telling your boss to stick it! If your quick you can even be in with a chance to win an iPad!

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