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The abandoned Nissan 370z at Silverstone

24 Oct , 2013  

Last weekend i attended a track experience at Silverstone, while i was parking up i noticed a rather filthy looking 370z in a distant corner of the car park. Upon closer inspection, what looked like dirt was green grime from where it has been stood for a very long time.


Its a left hand driver model. A few of the alloys had one or two kerb marks on them, the discs were rusted but smooth and unused. Its front bumper had scrapes at both corners, the Z from the back was missing and the passenger door had been pierced by something.




Most of the green gunk coated the protective plastic which was still on the car, the interior was also covered in all its protective delivery garb. The passenger window was slightly down and water had been getting inside.



Sitting in the dash was this piece of paper saying it belonged to the: C&A Department – M.Thewissen from Nissan Europe.

Its probably a spare car waiting to be stripped out to be a full blown racer, like the ones used in GT Academy and for Silverstones Hot Lap rides. But for me its heart breaking to see such a car in this state! Surely they would just keep it in a garage? Space cant be that tight!

If anyone can shed any light on it get in contact with us!


After tweeting the article to @NissanUK and @Paul87Crawford (GT Academy events manager) we got these responses:

370z Tweet1 370z Tweet2

So its a donor car! Still very sad to see it looking so shabby 🙁

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