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Drayson Racing sets electric land speed records

15 Oct , 2013  

Drayson Racing EV World Record Car - carwitter

Drayson racing has set a whopping four land speed records for cars weighing sub 999 kg.

Average speeds over two runs within 1 hour where 205.139 MPH over a mile, and 333.271 KPH for 1 KM.

They also set the quarter mile EV world record at 9.742 seconds.

A british land speed record was also set, for cars of any propulsion type driven by their wheels over a one mile flying start.

Drayson racing last ran the car in June but returned to Elvington after the Bonneville Salt Flats where flooded this year – the team had planned to find out the cars top speed over the 15 mile long track.

Its great to still see British endeavour and engineering alive and well, hopefully the team can make it to Bonneville next year!

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