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Bridgestone Adrenalin Experience – Sponsored Post

10 Oct , 2013  


Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE002 - carwitterSo take 60 bloggers from 6 different countries, a wet Ascari race track, an Audi TT fitted with Bridgestone’s new Potenza Adrenalin tyres RE002 and ask them to write a blog at 200 KMH! Scary huh? Personally I think I would have been throwing up, I’m not one who can look at text while moving, and by the look on some of the bloggers faces they too look a little worse for wear at times!

Well by the looks of the experiment the Bridgestone’s performed excellent in the wet – they are rated C in wet weather and have been created with a special ‘In Groove Deflectors’ to help guide the water through the tyre; inside the groove deflector is another clever design – the ‘Pulse Groove’ a small rubber segment that helps push the water away before it gets under the tyre.

In the dry they also aim to handle with poise and precision, the RE002 shoulder blocks are stiffer and linked to the internal tread pattern. The middle tread line has also been stiffened for high speed stability and sporty handling. Bridgestone claim these are the perfect tyres for “unprecedented levels of precision, stability and control across all levels of driving”.

Tyres aren’t normally a thing to get excited over but with the Potenza Adrenalin’s all those small tweaks look to point to better handling all-round. In this country wet handling is almost more important than dry and after watching the below video they do look rather confidence inspiring!


Take a look for yourself, the new Adrenalin RE002’s are available in a range of sizes from 195/50/15 to 254/40/18. Check out the website for more info.

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