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Smart Fourjoy heading to Frankfurt

8 Sep , 2013  

Smart Fourjoy Side Front Angle - carwitter

Smart have made a 4 seater concept, the Fourjoy. The last 4 passenger smart was the forfour which didn’t seem to do to well. Maybe they are eyeing the market again?

The concept has no doors, no rear window and an open roof, the rear seat bench is in a lounge style. It has a tight turning circle of 9.1 metres, and is powered by a 55kW electric motor, its battery holds 17.6 kWh of charge

Smart Fourjoy From Above - carwitter

Its purely a design study at this stage, but:

Two longboards are fastened on the roof of the smart fourjoy. With these electrically driven skateboards it is possible to cover short distances in the city without producing any local emissions.

Helmets are stowed under the rear seats. A high-definition camera that is simple to remove is also attached here. This enables longboard riding to be filmed and subsequently shared with friends on social networks.


Smart Fourjoy Rear Angle - carwitter

Smart Fourjoy Side Rear Angle - carwitter

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