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Peugeot 308 R Concept

28 Aug , 2013  

Peugeot 308R Concept Front - carwitter

It seems like Peugeot are chasing down VW at their own game and look to be creating fire breathing R versions of selected models. The second being the 308 R. It will debut at Frankfurt.

It features the same engine from the RCZ R, so develops 270bhp from its 4-cylinder 1.6-litre engine with CO2 emissions of just 145g/km.

The doors, front wings, the body sides and sills, bonnet and bumpers are all made from carbonfibre, secured to the metal structure which retains only the roof and tailgate of the original 308. Its track is widened by 30mm, a Torsen diff helps get the 330 Nm of torque through the 6 speed manual gearbox, and onto the road via the front wheels.

Full LED headlamps, taken from the new 308, characterise a feline appearance and are positioned within the lower front panel via its 3D ‘teeth’.

Peugeot 308R Concept Grille- carwitter

Peugeot 308R Concept Side - carwitter

Peugeot 308R Concept Rear - carwitter

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