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Eco Touch Exterior Kit Review

22 Aug , 2013  

Eco Touch Exterior Kit Review - carwitter

What It Is It?

Eco Touch Exterior Kit is one of the car care kits from Eco Touch. The kit contains Waterless Car Wash, Wheel Cleaner, Tyre Shine and Quick wax. Main star of the kit is the Waterless Car Wash and is pretty self explanatory of what it does. A waterless car wash in a spray bottle that is biodegradable and friendly to the environment with being (almost) waterless compared to washing your car normally. It won an Auto Express Best Buy Award in 2012. Wheel Cleaner, Tyre Shine and Quick Wax compliment the Waterless Car Wash and all have ingredients that are also kind to the environment.

What car are you using it on?

Not an important point to make but I will mention why at the end of the review. The car was my Fiat 500 Sport. It roughly had 2 months of summer road grime on it, worse areas being at the bottom of the sides, near to the front wheels, and the front wheels themselves. As to be expected. Due to the dry July we’ve had, my car wasn’t as dirty as it has been when I’ve left it so long in-between cleaning. I usually clean my car every 3 to 4 weeks.

Before shots:

Eco Touch Exterior Kit Review - Wheel Before

Eco Touch Exterior Kit Review - Boot Before

Eco Touch Exterior Kit Review - Side Before

The kit is provided with a multitude of microfibre towels, 6 to be exact. Generously sized and of good quality.

Eco Touch Exterior Kit Review - MicrofibreTowel

Whilst using the Waterless Car Wash, I folded the microfibre towels into four “sections”, I used one section on roughly each panel, I was paying close attention of how much dirt the towel was collecting.

Despite being directed on the bottle to spray the Waterless Car Wash onto microfibre towels, I decided to spray directly onto the panels. It wiped on and off easily with no resistance.

Eco Touch Exterior Kit Review - 50-50

I didn’t force the more stubborn dirt behind the front tyres. Eco Touch do say to pre-rinse more soiled areas first with water but that would be missing the whole point of the product. Plus people who live in flats and apartments cannot do this.

Next, my attention was onto the wheels. I sprayed the Wheel Cleaner and waited around 20 seconds as directed. As I was spraying, I could see the product getting to work straightaway as the dirt was starting to run. The dirt easily wiped away with a microfibre towel.

Eco Touch Exterior Kit Review - 50-50 Wheel Cleaner

Whilst waiting for the excess of the Wheel Cleaner to dry, I started to use the Quick Wax. Simply wax on, start from the top working your way round to the bottom and then buff off, again from top to bottom. Results, nice glossy shine that will preserve the effects of the Waterless Wash.

To finish off the exterior cleaning process using the Exterior Kit, I used Tyre Shine. A tyre dressing applicator sponge is supplied in the kit that helps to apply the Tyre Shine easily. Top tip from me when applying any tyre dressing product, roll your car either forwards or backwards. If you don’t, you’ll find a small area that hasn’t been treated as it was squashed against the ground due to the weight of the car.

After shots:

Eco Touch Exterior Kit Review - Wheels After

Eco Touch Exterior Kit Review - Side After

Eco Touch Exterior Kit Review - After

Overall thoughts:

Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash particularly proved me wrong. My initial thoughts before using the product were of slight dread. I’m very careful how I clean my car and the method I use highly reduces the risk of swirling, a detailer’s nightmare! I said earlier in the review about using Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash on my Fiat 500. I only used just under half of the bottle on my car, which I found really impressive. Along with another “wash”, I could possibly squeeze in a quick wipe-down in-between. At RRP of £8.99, this is very good value compared to the price of your local petrol station car wash. The results are far better too.

Quick Wax, Wheel Cleaner and Tyre Shine also come in the Exterior Kit are capable products.

  • Wheel Cleaner worked well but I found that it was unable to remove some stubborn dirt that left me a bit disappointed.
  • Tyre Shine gives more of a new tyre look which I prefer but be warned, it doesn’t last too long. I’ve used it before using the entire kit and it soon faded after rainfall.
  • Quick Wax promotes a nice glossy shine but I’ve not been able to see if it lasts.


If you’re the type of person that’s environmentally conscious, or you live in a flat or apartment, I do recommend the Exterior Kit, more specifically, the Waterless Car Wash. The results are far better than the petrol car wash and more importantly, cheaper in the long run!